Merry Christmas
A Happy New Year!



I have used this Christmas Webpage for many years now; how can one improve perfection? If you can hear Christmas music you either have not turned on your speaker or you are not using the old Microsoft Internet Explorer.  If you can't hear Christmas music you will need to hum something to get yourself into the spirit.  At least you can enjoy the snowflakes and animations right?  If you can't even do that you should ask Santa to give you a Microsoft gift certificate for an online Internet training course.  If you are reading this message you at least know how to access the Internet and watch Youtube instructional videos.

I have now been the president for Strata Corporation KAS431 for just over a year now.  I don't yet know if I will be doing this for another year but when they ask for volunteers to step forward, it seems everyone here takes one step backwards but me.  Prices in our building have climbed a lot in the last two years.  That is probably a combination of some owners selling and moving out of this building and rich people from Vancouver selling their million dollar dumps and coming her to retire and count their money.   Somehow, being able to sell at a high price does not make me feel any richer.

Health wise, what can I say?  We all age, some faster than others!  The pharmaceuticals are laughing all the way to the bank.  Funny how they have lots of new expensive drug that will prolong your life but no cures! Most popular is  taking an old cheap generic drug, adding some inert ingredients like mint flavouring to outrageously increase the price and the doctors actually prescribe this shit.  If you are one of the lucky ones with a drug plan, they don't provide coverage for these mint flavored drugs.

I am seriously thinking of selling before the world wide housing bubble collapses. If only I knew the exact date of that collapse.  Maybe I will stay here and live a few more years on my bitcoins.

I may add more to the page before Christmas but that's all for now. I hope you and your family are healthy and able to enjoy this Christmas season to the fullest!

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